The Library Nook

The week of Sept. 20, stop in the library and make an invisible bookmark.

Join us for some after school fun at the library. We will be playing Captain Underpants BINGO! Thursday, Sept. 23, from 3:30 to 4:15. All school age kids welcome.

Canby Schools Menu

Wed., Sept. 22 • Breakfast - Brekkie or cereal with graham crackers; vegetable selection, fresh fruit, milk. Lunch - Crispy chicken sandwich or buffalo chicken salad; confetti ham pasta salad, green beans, banana.

Practice Tractor safety

Farm tractors provide the primary source of power on many farms. Studies show that the farm tractor is involved in a high proportion of farm fatalities and severe injuries. To avoid them, follow safe management principles and implement a tractor safety program on your farm.


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