Rotary of Canby

75 years of rotary, current Rotary members include, back (L-R): Sherwood Knutson, Craig Kaddatz, Jerry Boulton, Pat Vlaminck, Michael Van Kuelen, Ryan Nielsen, Jim Hiedeman, Ron Wicklace; middle: David Dybsetter, Becca Schrupp, Christine Grussing, Kari Harding, Deb VanDerostyne, Nancy Bormann; front: Jody Olson, Evelyn Regnier, Dick Regnier, Dar

Area History

The answer to the question about Jake’s Drive-in:  It was located on the curve of Highway 75 south where Canby Chiropractic is now.  Vernon Jacobson and his family started this drive-in 1973.  It used to be an old gas station.  Was it Russ Christianson’s Mobile Station?


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