Senator Gary Dahms

Senator Gary Dahms (R ‒ Redwood Falls) today congratulated Minnesota family farms, including the 10 Century Farms in Senate District 15, that have been recognized as Century Farms and Sesquicentennial Farms by the Minnesota State Fair and the Minnesota Farm Bureau.

Fairchild Farmgirl

Welcome to my gardening rabbit hole that I’ve been delving deeper into day by day with my son Tedd.

Hi, everyone! I’ve got my cup of coffee, and I’m ready to visit with you, my favorite people. Last month I told you I wanted to get to gardening again. Do you remember?

Save Our Sanity

I don’t know if I had told you guys, but I have become a morning person. One of my favorite parts of being a morning person is actually enjoying that first cup of coffee instead of sucking it down while running around the house like a crazy person trying to get everyone ready and out the door. I really miss our homeschool mornings … sigh.

Fairchild Farmgirl

You’d think I was losing my mind. Two things are happening lately: 1. I’m hearing bumps in the night and the day for that matter, 2. I’m watching too much Peaky Blinders and I’m scaring myself (a Netflix series about the Irish Mob in England in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, seriously fascinating), or a potential third. We have a ghost.


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