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Okay, so how good is your memory? Because what I said about me not wanting the kids to go to school and me holding them in the baby hold 24/7 as well as enjoying all the special moments that summer holds, is well…over. Did I just hear the school bell ring or was that an illusion/mirage? Friends, these kids are fighting!

Switchgrass School

With August here, (seriously, how fast did July go?!?) I have begun to buckle down and work on planning out our school year, and I think I figured out what I am going to do. Now, of course, I have no idea how long we will keep up with it as if things don’t work, then I will change it again, but here is the idea so far.

Gardening on the Prairie

It’s fair week and I’ve been tasked with doing intake for the veggie portion of the open class exhibits! So I thought I’d dig into to some of the origins of county fairs and how they work. Fairs have existed in some form or another since 500BC and possibly before.

Switchgrass School

I am at the end of my creative rope here and being I worked at The Shed all weekend, I am going to tell you my top peeves from my way too many years working in the service industry.

Switchgrass School

My thoughts on the upcoming homeschool year are up in the air again. Good thing I haven’t ordered any curriculum yet, as my plans seem to keep changing on me. I have been listening to The Life Without School podcast, and it has been very interesting and has opened my eyes a bit wider when it comes to what my homeschool could look like.


July is National Make a Difference to Children Month, Child-Centered Divorce Month, as well as Purposeful Parenting Month. WRAP wants to focus this month’s article on children and parenting.

Switchgrass School

As we went to print this past Thursday due to the Fourth of July being on Monday, I don’t have all that much to say.  Not that I ever really have much to say besides a bunch of blah, but I have even less blah than usual. So, you can hear about what I have been reading and listening to.


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