Switchgrass School

We had a busy long weekend, and I don’t know about all of you, but I am dragging.

We spent Thanksgiving with Rick and Glenda and the rest of the Olsen crew. I ate way too much, and I do not regret a bite.

Switchgrass School

In the morning when I am getting ready, and yes, I do get ready even when I am just staying home, I like to listen to Joyce Meyer. I have downloaded her app, and every day there is a new, relatively short message. It is the best way to start my day. That and an iced coffee.

Letter to the Editor

I cannot believe that the City of Canby does not have an ordinance against people collecting junk/trash in a neighborhood? I would think that maybe a fine could be charged if the trash/junk is not cleaned up in a certain time frame.

Switchgrass School

Well, we made it to the zoo last Tuesday, and it was fantastic. The dinosaur exhibit itself wouldn’t have been worth the trip, but we had the place practically to ourselves and were able to see all the animals. The favorites were the tiger cubs, who we watched play for quite awhile, and getting to pet the sharks in the touch tank.

Letter to the Editor

On Monday, September 26, I was approached by the widow of a man who passed away one year ago in a traffic accident south of Canby. The widow wanted to express her gratitude regarding the handling of the accident by my officer. She felt that the response and empathy involved was somewhat of a silver lining.


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