Melissa's Musings

There are two phrases commonly used these days which I would happily eliminate from the English language. They are inaccurate, intentionally divisive, and they reveal the complete lack of understanding of those using them.

The first is “conspiracy theorist.”

Switchgrass School

Right now, I am writing from the porch of a honeymoon cabin outside of Broken Bow, Okla.  And no, I am not on my honeymoon, but when the nicest cabin is available, complete with hot tub, outdoor fireplace, and wine cooler, a girl reserves the honeymoon cabin.

Conroy Chronicle

Let the celebrations begin!

Like emerging out of a bad hangover or a wicked cold, the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and return to a level of “normalcy” feels good - damn good.

Switchgrass School

We have no idea how long we will be homeschooling for, as we plan to reevaluate every year.  If the girls no longer want to homeschool, or if I feel I am not quite up to snuff as their teacher, I want to make sure we are fully prepared to transition both girls, or only one, depending on their preference, back into public school.

Melissa's Musings

Oh, the adventures of doggie parenthood!

I wrote about our dog, Zorra, a couple months back when we adopted her, and I think I mentioned how she had been so scared of everything when we first got her but warmed up to us pretty quickly.

I didn’t know then that her transformation was nowhere near complete.

Conroy Chronicals

This is a wild time of year for newspapers, especially when the schools you cover have good athletes and strong teams.

Games are packed into small windows, travel time is plenty and farmers’ tans are well established.  Sports will fill a good portion of the paper, and honestly, we could fill more with all of the photos we have.

Live Well. Age Wisely

Caregiving for a spouse or partner is a situation that many older adults find themselves in as they age. For example, a husband (the caregiver) helps his wife with dementia (the care receiver) through her day. The couple may be advanced in age, and sometimes the caregiver has a chronic condition as well.


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