March is Women’s History Month. Women have made a huge impact on policies and understanding of domestic abuse. One group we want to recognize would be the women from the Duluth Model. The Duluth Model helped to change the way community members think of domestic violence.

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Last week, I left you with a question about clinkers. Clinkers are a form of slag that develops in the locomotive firebox from poorly-burning coal. It begins to form over the firebars like a gooey mass that lumps together, turning into a solid chunk of unusable material.

Grace Vanderbush created two different sunflower pendants to raise funds for Save the Children’s Ukraine Crisis Relief, the Wild Sunflower necklace (above) and the Solo Sunflower (below).

Grace Vanderbush raises $15,000 in 15 minutes for Save the Children’s Ukraine Crisis

Local artist Grace Vanderbush, like much of the world, was devastated by the ongoing events in Ukraine and wanted to do something, anything, to help. “I spent time praying about how I could help, and the pieces started to fall into place,” said Vanderbush.


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