Save Our Sanity

Alrighty. Our second cleaning routine to try out is the Organised Mum routine, and no, I do not have a spelling error, as the Organised Mum, Gemma Bray, is most definitely a Brit.

So here is the rundown of the Organised Mum routine.

There are three different levels, daily jobs: day specific tasks, and Friday focus tasks.

Save Our Sanity

So, overall, I did not mind the Clean Mama routine, but let’s be honest here, I do not feel the need to dust my whole house top to bottom each week.  I also do not feel it is necessary to wipe the baseboards.

Save Our Sanity

Alright, I started my first day of the Clean Mama routine on Monday morning. Now, I am usually in the office all day Monday, but as we went to print on Friday due to New Year’s, I was at home and could fully invest in my Monday routine.

Save Our Sanity

One of my favorite things about life is that if something isn’t working, and that something is within your control, you can change it. Writing Switchgrass School wasn’t working anymore, so I have now changed it to S.O.S. - Save Our Sanity!  It is a horrible name, but I am just going to own it and move on.

Switchgrass School

I have been thinking I should rename this little piece of the paper as I haven’t discussed homeschooling much. Honestly, we have kind of found our groove, and as we are now curriculum-based homeschoolers, which I did not think would happen at all, but I am not mad, our days are all very similar and routine.

Switchgrass School

The winter storm we had last week sure did throw my house into a tizzy, or should I say, threw me into a tizzy. I am still on my quest to become more minimalistic, and being stuck in the house for four days only amped up my mission.

Fairchild Farmgirl

Merry Christmas friends!

Here we are, the end of the year. To me, that’s so crazy. I mean, wasn’t I just talking about goal setting for 2022? Man! The older I get the faster it goes.

Switchgrass School

Last night, the girls, Keith, and I headed into to town to check out the Night in Bethlehem event hosted by Antelope Hills. It was so so great, and everyone did such an awesome job putting the event together. The girls loved the crafts, the Bethlehem set-up was amazing, and overall, we had a really great time.

Switchgrass School

We had a busy long weekend, and I don’t know about all of you, but I am dragging.

We spent Thanksgiving with Rick and Glenda and the rest of the Olsen crew. I ate way too much, and I do not regret a bite.


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