Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

My name is Tony Ourada and I moved to Canby as the State Farm Agent back in 2008. I have two kids in the Canby School District, Zach is a junior and Taylor is an eighth grader. My wife Dawn is a teacher/tutor at Canby High School. I have been a volunteer track & field coach for Canby-Minneota the past five years.

Switchgrass School

We took full advantage of how open a homeschool schedule can be this past week. I made super good tips last weekend, which I was very thankful for. After discussing the idea with Keith, we decided to take a little bit of that money to make some memories.

Switchgrass school

Well, our first week officially back at it went well. Violet still complains the entire time she does math while Bryn is already three lessons ahead. They are both LOVING the dinosaur theme.

Fairchild Farmgirl

Fall is definitely in the air! Well, that’s what I thought before looking at the temps for this week. It still feels like summer and will for a while according to the MSN weather forecast. I sure hope you had an amazing summer. It seems to come and go so fast that it makes my head spin!

Switchgrass School

We went to print early due to Labor Day weekend, so I do not have all that much to share.

However, Labor Day weekend is one of my favorites as it is the last hooray of summer, and this year I don’t have Covid, so I get to go to the cabin! Yay!  

Switchgrass School

So I did a thing last Friday.

When I first started my little side-gig of Dusty Skies, I wrote up a whole business plan of what I wanted it to look like. It was 2019, I was single mommin’ it and teaching full-time. I did not have the time or energy to put my plan into action.

Switchgrass School

The past week was a fun one for sure! We spent Tuesday through Friday out in the Hills with Keith’s family. We left super early Tuesday morning after doing chores.  We actually got out the door at ten after five which is impressive for us.  I said we would be gone by five, thinking it would be 5:30, but we did pretty darn well with our time.


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