Save Our Sanity

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and I think this is mostly because of the traditions that go along with it.

The best thing about traditions is that you can easily start your own! Here are some fun ideas to add some magic this holiday season.

Save Our Sanity

Long time, no ... see? Whatever. Let’s just dive back into my randomness with the 13 different Kibbe body types as I just learned about this and I figured I would pass this tidbit of information on to you.

Fairchild Farmgirl

Turkey Day will soon be here. What are you most thankful for? Is it the meal, the family, or the planning for Black Friday? Ron and I did that years ago and we swore to each other we’d never do it again. What chaos! I’m looking forward to pumpkin pie, and my sister-in-laws creamed corn, which I hate all creamed corn but hers.

Save Our Sanity

I can’t remember if I have written about hygge in the past, but I figure if I can’t remember writing it, then maybe you can’t remember reading it, so we will give this a go.

Save Our Sanity

I have fallen off the clean house wagon and am having one heck of a time getting back on. I need a reset, so I did some Googling to find the top habits that clean freaks from around the nation use, and as I wish I were them, I am going to try them all out this week.

Save Our Sanity

A lot of us are familiar with the idea of a minimalist lifestyle, the less is more mentality, but have you ever heard of digital minimalism? Until recently, I hadn’t, so let me break it down for you.

Letter to the Editor

I write to you as a former Canby resident having spent a few wonderful years in your amazing town. My heart has broken to hear of all the people (especially younger people) getting and/or dying from cancer. Cancer has touched my family too and I lost my dad seven years ago to it.


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